Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Travel Training and Living

In September Tim Budic posted a blog about Travel Training which inspired my post today.

Based on the current scheduling it now looks like I will be heading to Richmond next week for several days.

At least I am on the downhill side of my marathon training, and I don't have as many double workouts scheduled.

Definitely, traveling makes workouts much harder to get in. Typically, people when traveling for my company are working very late and they like us to be in the office very early. In turn, this means getting up extra early and out the door for a workout often in the dark.

Adding to the difficulty, if you have a speed session scheduled, it means finding a safe and well lighted area.

Looks like I will be doing at least one speed session and one long run while in Richmond next week. Fortunately, my trusty Garmin will be making the trip with me. So while, I will not be running any track outs, there are no nearby tracks. I will be out running more workouts of the fartlek type.

Also cross your fingers that the cold and flu bugs avoid me. My handy bottle of Germ-X will be in my bag and used regularly. And, try as might; I need to keep my hands away from face and especially my nose. By nature, I don't have a germ phobia; I don't want to get sick.

With just a little more than 3 weeks out from OBX, trying to stay healthy seems to only get harder.


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