Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Eddie's Roller

For years, the “Stick” has been integral part of my pre and post run routines. That is until recently. During one of our group runs back in the summer, one of the other runners either Ben or Megan, I don’t remember which had this new type of “Stick”. Or that is what I called it at the time.

This new “Stick” that I now know is called “Eddie’s Roller” is both different and unique.

Many of you that have the “Stick” know of the flat rollers on the “Stick”. “Eddie’s Roller” uses something entirely different. "Eddie's Roller" uses golf balls.

The first time that I used it, I was like “wow” that gives an unusual, but a good feeling as the golf balls roll across the muscles. For some reason, and I cannot explain why the dimples from the golf balls seem to work better for me than the flat rollers from the “Stick”

While we were at OBX, I picked up one of the rollers to test it again, I was sold at that point. It was time to get one of my own.

So I tracked down the maker of “Eddie’s Roller”.

Eddie is his name and he lives near Clemson, SC.

What is even more remarkable as I learned through our email exchanges, Eddie does this out of house on the weekends. And he is remarkably quick.

I contacted him last Friday and after just a few email exchanges where I got the details about his “Roller” and how to choose the colors of the golf balls; he said that he would have one in the mail to me by Monday. And even more unbelievable, he sent the roller to me before I even paid for it. This doesn't happen to often these days.

The following Tuesday afternoon the mail man drop off a package at my front door. Opening it up, I had this nice new roller which I immediately tried on my legs. Shortly there after, I sent Eddie an email saying that my roller had arrived in the mail and that I would be dropping him a check in the mail the following day.

Eddie’s “Roller” is comparable in cost to the "Stick". The original “Stick” with hand grips sells for about $42 dollars. The marathon “Stick” sells for about $31. The travel “Stick” sells for about $27 dollars. Eddie’s Roller sells for $30 dollars with $6 for shipping if you buy 1 to 4 of them. The price drops if you buy more – 5 or more at $25 dollars each.

My old “Stick”s are now feeling neglected because I have been using my “Eddie’s Roller” all of the time.

If you are interested in getting one of “Eddie’s Rollers”, you can contact him at

If you see me around and any to test drive it, just ask.

Tales from a runner using "Eddie's Roller"


Anonymous said...

Very cool. Thanks for the info and contact info.

Anonymous said...

Great product! You should check out their new website.

Anonymous said...

My favorite letter is the squiggly! ~

Anonymous said...

Amazing product! I got a blue and red one.

Anonymous said...


Cool Down Runner said...

What's the url to the website?

I had heard they were working on a website, but I didn't know it was up and running

Anonymous said...

Its not up and running quite yet, but its about to be.

Anonymous said...

It should be done sometime this month.

Eddie P. said...

The customization part is awesome (I saw the beta of the site) XD

Cool Down Runner said...

Fantastic, I am looking forward to seeing the new site.

-btw - Eddie, I was at Foot Locker but I forget to put your number in my phone.

I thought you might have a booth but didn't see one.

Christopher said...

That wasn't actually Eddie, it was a person workin on the site. I hope he actually does make a post, thoguh.

Cool Down Runner said...

well, let's hope someone gives us a pointer to the site.

If I don't hear something after awhile, I can always email Eddie

Mr.Squiggles said...


Anonymous said...

What domain should we get?

Which one?

Anounymus said...


Cool Down Runner said...

That's a good question.

Most people are familiar with the ".com" ending, but because most people use Google searches, it doesn't really matter

Google abstracts out the url from the user.

- the other option is to buy all 3 URLS and have them route to the ip. I am assuming you have some place on the internet that will be hosting your website.

Sorry if this is too much detail. I spend my days developing web applications for banks.