Monday, October 12, 2009

3 mi. tempo – 4 x 400 – 3 mi. tempo

Earlier today, I headed out for some high energy running on the Mallard and Clarke Creek Greenways.

Conditions could have been better as I was soaked before I even got on my shoes on.

Anyone watching would have thought that I needed a sanity check. With a hat, gloves, arm sleeves, and compress shorts, and calf sleeves, I looked pretty sad.

This workout did not compare well with my Friday workout but then with the cooler temps and rain, my body felt stiff and tight from the start.

Definitely, bookending a workout with two tempo runs with some speed work mixed in the middle is harder than having the tempo run in the middle.

But I think I am hooked on these types of workouts and will be incorporating a few more before my marathon in 4 weeks.

2 mile warm up

18:48 161/188 – 3 min recovery

1:26 157/184 - 1 min recovery

1:24 168/177 - 1 min recovery

1:26 151/169 - 1 min recovery

1:23 156/168 - 1 min recovery

18:39 164 /192 - 3 minute recovery

2 mile warm down


Tales from a rain soaked runner

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