Thursday, January 24, 2019

Charlotte 10 Miler Course Change

Found out last night that the city is making S2F change the 10 miler course this year. Something to do with having the cross a major intersection so they have turned things around on the course. No longer is there a hill in 9 mile, yea, but neither is there downhill 10th mile so boo.

The course now finishes across Johnston Rd from the exit off the greenway.

Honestly, I think the course might be a faster. We will have the slight uphill in the first mile but some downhill in the 2nd, and in miles 3 and 4 we pick up the greenway before bouncing out on to Johnston Road down to 51 where we pick up the greenway again. Then there is a small out and back section in one of the neighborhoods for mile 8. Then, the course remains on the green to the finish.

I will not be able to do an apples for apples comparison with last year, but who knows may be I will surprise myself. May be I will find a few of those steps that I lost at the trail race.

See you at the 10 miler

The Cool Down Runner

6 minutes

Earlier this week I was looking back at my time from the S2F Trail race last year. To my surprise, I was saw that I was 6 minutes slower than last year. 6 minutes slower. Needless to say, I was a bit disappointed.

How could I be 6 minutes slower? Was it the fact that I am another year older and having lost a step or several? Was I bit more tired, and yes, being a bit older leads to not recovering fast enough? Or was it the fact that the WWC hasn’t seen a dry race since Oct of last year, and the trails are totally soaked.

I shouldn’t really be agonizing of these types of thoughts but yes, they do exist. I was wasting precious seconds of my life mulling them over.

However, the more that I thought about it the more I thought the real answer laid somewhere in the middle of all of these possibilities. Yes, being a little older means I am losing steps that I can likely never get back. Yes, I am a bit more tired. I have been ramping up the mileage, and I only dropped back to recover on Friday. Possibly most impactful up all is that the WWC trails were nothing short of a muddy mess.  

At the end the day regardless of all these possibilities, I know that I gave my best. As long as I know that my time doesn’t manner.

Happy Trails,

The Cool Down Runner

Saturday, January 19, 2019

S2F Trail Race

So today, I headed to the WWC for the Start 2 Finish/Charlotte Running Company Trail race. As usual, I opted for the 13 miler race. I seemed to be cursed with wet, muddy trail races. Today was no exception, the trails were truly wet and muddy.

I ended up running 1:47:15 to place 6 overall placing me 1st in the 50-54 age group. I spent much of the race running with several other runners. Toward the back half on the East Main trail, I couldn’t keep up with Daniel flying along on the trail. Mark H. had long since moved out of sight.
Honestly, I was just happy to stay on my feet. At one point on Carpet trail, I flying down a hill. My feet were going in too many directions, and my arms were waving in the air. I would have loved to have had a video of it. The other time that I remember was on the East Main trail. I was rounding this turn to the left and my left slipped knocking out my right foot. Only by grasping on to a nearby tree, did I stay up right.

I also spent some time catching up with Chad, Tom, Mark K., Rob, Marcus, Flavia, Joe, and a few others. It is always good to see a familiar face.

Of course, I was disappointed that I couldn’t do the Hot Chocolate 15k this morning. Here’s hoping that they sort the race dates for next year.

Next up on my race calendar is the 10 miler in a couple of weeks. This will be a better test of my fitness. Although, I might not be as ready as last year. Being the event is a couple of weeks earlier, my training will be bit beyond last year.

Happy dry trails,

The Cool Down Runner

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Trail Time

After nearly constant rain the last month, the weather finally dried out for a few days, and they opened the WWC trails. My 20 miler this morning was inter-spent dodging the mt. bikers flooding the trails for the Enchiladas ride. It did keep things interesting, and I was looking over my shoulder a lot more than usual. Otherwise, things were pretty uneventful. I was definitely glad to get some good trail time since I have the S2F Trail race next week end. Here's hoping things stay dry next week, and we can finally have some good trail racing conditions.

By the way, I spotted some changes that they have been making. They created a couple of new sections on the thread trail. They also change one steep downhill section along the south main trail. I like this change because I can now run right through this section without slowing for the downhill.

See you on the trails in '19

The Cool Down Runner