Sunday, June 25, 2017

Summer Track – Make up night

After last week's Summer Track Meet washout, the make up night was this past Thursday night. As one might have expected, the turnout was lighter than expected. But on the bright-side, the only water hitting the track came from the sweat produced by the runners. Which I guess; is a good thing.

The low turnout didn't deter an enthusiastic group of runners. The highlight of the evening was Matt's 4:28 mile. Watching someone who is really good at what they do is awesome experience. Matt and another guy, who I cannot remember his name, run together for the first 3 laps, but I could tell Matt had more in the tank going into the final lap. Sure enough, going down the back stretch he kicked it into another gear.

Quick heats of the 400, 800, 4 x 100, and 200 followed. The last heat of the evening was the 3200 meter run which Chase won just under 11 minutes.

During one of the breaks in the action, Tim and I were chatting about the fact that next week is the last week of Summer Track. Our first meet went off the day after Memorial Day, and 4 more weeks of Summer Track were to follow. Now, with one week left time seems to have flown by. Mentally, I know that there are 24 hours in the day, and 7 days in the week. Sometime life is so busy, we don't realize how fast those minutes turn into hours and how quickly those hours turn into days and weeks.

I am reminded that our lives are short, and not a minute of it should be wasted. Live the most out of every day.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Summer Track – Session #3

For the second week in row, the rain poured on us. Yet, this week the thunder and lightning remained at a distance. Letting us get a full evening of activities completed.

Several groups brought out their young kids so the 50 and 100 meter runs were super busy. James ran a 4:28 mile. Bert followed close behind him. Spada keep the 50+ group honest by nearly running a sub 5:20 mile.

This week’s activities culminated with a 5k run. Bert again showed a yeomen’s strength by running a 15:28 in a solo effort. Second place was nearly 90 seconds back. Nathan, who is part of the Running Works program, and Rich fought through the steady rain that descended on the track to finish well.

Much appreciation goes out to all of the runners that attended.

 And a special kudos goes out to the runner's parents. Mary Kate’s kids knocked out some great time 50 and 100 meter efforts. Chase appears to have captured the running genes from both sides of the family. He roars down the track with a smile on his face.  

Summer Track continues with a makeup event tomorrow night - 6/22/17 – 6 PM. We will follow the usual schedule of events finishing off with the 3200 meter run.

See you then,

The Cool Down Runner

Monday, June 19, 2017

Summer Track Makeup night 7/22/17

Hot, Muggy, and a good chance of an evening thunderstorm are not the only items on the agenda this week.

After last week’s washout, a double feature occurs with this week. Tomorrow night, we have the usual Tuesday night track activities. Then, just some 48 hours later, area runners will have a second chane to put their track skills to the test. Yes, this week we have a rare opportunity to run fast, and then attempt to run faster 48 hours later. How many times have you run a race, and over the next day or two wished that you could race again. Well, here’s your chance.

·         The make-up date for Tuesday, June 13 rainout is Thursday, June 22.

·         Those who paid for entrance into Tuesday, June 13 can participate at no charge either June 22 or June 24.  If you still have it, please bring your bib from the 13th.  If you do not, please email ahead of Tuesday so she can prepare a new bib for you.

·         We will run the 5000M on the 20th and 3200 on the 22nd

·         Any future rainouts will not be made up.


The Cool Down Runner

Thursday, June 15, 2017

RfYL Summer Track Week #3 – Washed Out

Hot summer days often end with huge evening thunderstorms. Take Tuesday evening earlier this week for example, our setup was ahead of schedule. But an ominous feeling hung in the air. Dark clouds covered all of Charlotte. Thunder rumbled in the far distance. Keeping our fingers crossed that the storms would pass us by was the most we could do.

Maybe a tell-tale of things to come, the sprinklers on the foot ball field kicked on while I was setting up the clock and soaked me down.

The 50 meter races ended up being the only on track action for the evening. For shortly afterward, the lightning flashed which put an end to our efforts. The wind picked up and within 15 minutes the skies opened up.

For those that don’t know, high school tracks have similar rules to outdoor pools. If thunder and lightning occurs, all on track action stops. Everyone is directed to seek cover. Action cannot resume until 30 minutes after the last thunder and lightning occurs. Runners need to remember; rules like this are put in to place for their protection. Getting struck by lightning is not going to be a fun experience.

On the bright side, Summer Track is scheduled to happen two more times here in June so don’t miss out. Runners on Tuesday evenings come by Myers Park Track. Registration starts at 5:30. Races start shortly after 6PM.


The Cool Down Runner

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Grizzily 5k Race 6/9/2017

Last night, I ran the Grizzly 5k in Gastonia, NC. Going in to this race, I thought I could run an 18:20, may be evening an 18:10. My training has been going well, and my runs had me thinking it was possible.

Right from the start, my breathing felt labored. Which this in its self isn’t unusual, who runs a 5k and doesn’t feel the strain while running hard.

But the effort never felt any easier, and to compound my problems my legs felt extremely flat. The second mile is a gradual uphill grind, but it shouldn’t have felt this hard considering the pace that I was running. My hopes hung on the fact that may be coming back, my legs would kick into gear.

Yes, they did but only slightly. I was only 10 seconds quicker on the 3rd mile when in reality I should be been even faster.

By the time I was turning into the ball park, my legs were turning over but were doing so on autopilot.

I finished 2nd overall while running 19:01 for this course.

What I cannot explain is how off my game that I felt.

Running is all about cycles. We have ups and downs. Right now, I seem to be in a down cycle, and I am struggling to find the escalator for the up side.
Just have to keep working hard.


The Cool Down Runner  

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Summer Track Week #2

Was the weather today awesome or what?

Standing the curb in front of my house this morning, I was about to step in to the first stride of my run when I couldn’t help but let my mind wonder for just a second. Letting the savoring thought of this great weather fill my body with energy, and hoping every other runner in this world was having the same experience.

Let’s be honest here. How could this be the first week in June.  June weather is not known for low humidity, nice breezes, and awesome temperatures.

Following that first step were more steps. Each was carrying forward the goodness from that  very first step.

But I digress.

I am here to talk about last night’s track meet. I guess I took too much for granted. Last week, everything seemed to go off flawlessly. This week, I had my first major screw up.

For the 100 meters, we had what looked like a false start yet, the sprinters kept going. Afterward, Tom and Tim decided to run the 100 meters again. So I needed to reset the timing machine. Our single timing machine needs to be reconnected to the 8 hand held individual lane timing. Then, I was in the middle of explaining how it all works to our 8 volunteers when I hear the gun sound. The sprinters were already roaring down the track when I looked up and cringed. I haven’t started the clock. All I could say is that “I am sorry”. Crawling under a rock was pretty much what I felt like doing. I should have waived Tom off until I was ready. I didn’t.

I couldn’t change what happen. Making apologies was all that I could do to the sprinters and make sure I was ready for the next events. The rest of the evening moved along with no other major mishaps. Later after the two mile run, we did another heat of the 100. Actually, we had two heats. At first, we had only a couple of runners up for doing another 100, but by the time everyone gathered, we had 10 runners interested. This time, I had my volunteers ready, and we captured all of the times without any issues.

Life experience is a cruel teacher. Often forcing us down the more difficult path in hopes making us better, this certainly taught me a lesson. I have no plans on repeating it.


The Cool Down Runner.