Monday, February 25, 2019


Once you have children, your life forever changes. Deep down inside, there is just something that makes you want to take care of them. It is a feeling that I am constantly reminded of with my daughters.

However, I was reminded that I get this same behavior from my Dad. I was helping him with some stuff on Saturday afternoon when I casually mentioned that I had been out running that morning.
He asked me if I had been running in the rain. I tried to keep the puzzled look off my face since it has pretty much rained nonstop for the last week here in Charlotte. But this wasn’t the point of his question. He went on to say that running in the rain raised my risk of getting sick. I guess this is the part where we keep things from our parents as they kept things from their parents. If he only need how many times that I went the door and into the driving rain or snow. Some things are just best left unsaid. So I assured him that I tried to pick the best times to run, and I always wear gear to protect myself from the elements. This seem to waylay his concerns.

But as I thought about it later, it made me realize why I am always looking out for my daughters. It also made me feel good to know that something was still thinking about me. I guess as parents; we never get past it. I don't it something that we ever want to get past either.

Happy Trails,

The Cool Down Runner

Saturday, February 23, 2019


Over the last 4 weeks, I have been hitting my weekly intervals. My progress was slow at first, but I feel like that I am some gains. I spent so much time last year prodding along preparing for my 50 miler that I just didn’t do enough work maintaining my leg turnover. This is something that I need to work harder on this year. This starts with my staying with these weekly intervals. 

Normally, I plan on 3 interval periods during the year. One starts with my spring marathon. The second starts with my summer racing schedule. The last culminates with my fall marathon.

This year, I plan more 2 or 3 week sessions. These will be separated by a couple weeks so I don’t get into an endless cycle of speed.

Will this work, I don’t know but what I do know is – doing nothing will not make me any faster.

Time for some trail dust,

The Cool Down Runner

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Frigid 10k Recap

Headed for the Whitewater Center last Saturday morning for their Frigid 10k and Catawba River plunge.  I was excited about running the 10k. After months of racing there on rain soaked trails, this was going to be a race on a dry course. It was nice to be able to plant my foot and know it was not going to go flying out from under me.

From what I could tell, this was the first year that they held the 10k. The results all listed 5k race times from the previous years.

The 10k was definitely the smaller of the two races. The 5k had numerous waves but the 10k only had a few waves.

We started at the Pavilion, and we headed south to pick up the South Main trial. We popped out along channel, ran around it to the north Main trail, down to the Figure 8 trail. We followed it to the Tortuga trail. We followed the Tortuga to the Thread back to the Figure 8 back to the North Main trail to the finish by the boat dock.

I fell in 6th inline at the start and spent my time slowly picking off runners until I got up to 2nd place. The leader was well out sight.

My goal was to run a controlled race. Outside of my first mile, the rest of my miles were within about 10 of one another so I felt good about my effort.

I will say that I did skip the Catawba River plunge. The temperature was about 45 degrees, and I didn’t really need to prove myself. However, watching others take the plunge, it did look like fun. I may be back and take the plunge.

I ran 50:31 for this course which was bit long even by WWC standards. I had nearly 7 miles on my Garmin. I took home 1st age group award for the 50-54 age group which was a nice WWC throw blanket.

I will wrap up this post by saying their race shirt had a pretty cool design. I could have opted for the hoodie, but last year, I took home 6 hoodies from my WWC runs so I decided to forgo adding another one to my collection.

See you on the trails,

The Cool Down Runner

Monday, February 11, 2019

Charlotte 10 Miler Recap

February has been a busy month so far for me so I am playing catch up with my blog postings. Please bear with me while I get caught up over the next couple of weeks.

Going back to a couple of weeks to the Charlotte 10 miler, what can I say? I came around the corner to the finish, looked up at the finish clock, and seeing my time made real how bad my race had gone.

I went into this race thinking new course and possibly better course, but from the start, I attempted to shift up through the gear box only to find myself feeling like I was stuck in 2nd gear.

My legs wouldn’t turn over during the first mile. Granted this mile was slightly uphill, but they didn’t do much better in the 2nd mile which has the steep downhill.

I managed to hold my own on the greenway but the short climb off the greenway to Johnston Rd was followed by even longer climb on Johnston Rd. I never realized how long this hill was. Of course, running it in the first mile vs. the forth mile makes a bit more of a difference.

Cresting this hill, I looked forward to the long downhill jaunt back to the greenway. We entered off the Pineville/Matthews Rd. The coarse picks up with a dirt mile followed by the paved path to the finish.

Along about 7 and half miles, we took a brief break from the greenway to make up some distance in a side neighborhood.

One the stories going around about the coarse change had to do with the big hill in 8 mile being gone. Let’s just say, the hill isn’t gone. They just moved it and in my opinion made it steeper.

What I can say is the gravity feed downhill last mile is gone which probably hurts the most. I know I counted on it to pull back some time. Now, what is left is an honest finish.

I finished 30th overall, 1st in 50-54 age group with a time of 63:47. Not one of my banner efforts

I have already marked my calendar for this event next year. Even though, I will be another year older, I still think that I can better my 63:47 time.

Happy Trails,

The Cool Down Runner