Monday, January 30, 2017

Wrapping up another Winter Classic Race Weekend

Life is good. Another Winter Classic 8k and 4k have come and gone, and what a weekend it was for it.

Runners were signing up in droves all during race week and even more so on Saturday. With a weather forecast of sunny skies, nice January temperatures, and not much wind, it was going to be an ideal day for the runners.

They were not disappointed.


This year we split the 4k and 8k races. This led to a number of runners doubling up to run both races with many looking to score double medals as well as double awards in both races.

We were fortunate to have both the USAT&F and RRCA Championships for both races this year. They have been awesome partners to work with and have helped promote our races.  Combined with us working Start 2 Finish, the Winter Classic continues to grow in so many ways.    

Big shout out to our volunteers that helped us make this race a reality. You guys are fabulous.

And most of all to the runners, they supported our club’s races and turned our Winter Classic race in to a must do event.
I’ll wrap up by sharing a quote that I have heard numerous times – “It takes a village to have success”.  I agree, it does take a “village”, but if this village doesn’t have a good chief then, it is like a boat without a ruddier. Mike has been our race director and “chief” for 5 years. Under his careful guidance, our Winter Classic continues to blossom.   We appreciate all of your hard work Mike.


The Cool Down Runner

Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Carolinas are a great place to live

Someone once told me that Florida has two seasons: hot and less hot. Nothing could be further from the truth here in the Carolinas.

Take the seven days for example, Saturday; we had snow blanketing the ground across Charlotte. This was followed up by bone chilling single digits temperatures. And, then as if sweep away by a mighty hand; we were bathed in sunshine, a warm breeze from the south, and 70 degree temperatures today.

Those several layers of clothes that kept me warm over the weekend were replaced by a singlet and shorts. I couldn’t be happier.

That’s way the Carolinas are a great place to live. We experience so many different seasons which is like no other place on this world. This explains why so many people made the decision to call the Carolinas home.

They made a good decision. Done you think so?

The Cool Down Runner

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Break Time

Yesterday evening while going through my weight circuit at the YMCA, I was waiting for the burn in my shoulders and arms to subside before moving to my next set. As I was setting there, my eyes gazed lazily around the room. Never did I linger too long in one spot but taking in all that was occurring around me.

The weight area was a-buzz with activity as one would expect once the 5 o’clock whistle blows. People were moving from machine to machine. Some were doing multiple sets while others did a single set and moved on. Some were tracking their workouts using paper and pencil. Others seem to be lost in the thought as the beat of their favorite tunes drift from their ear buds into their ears. All seemed to be absorbed in their own little worlds. Like a comet in the sky. Their path altered only when another nears but never colliding.

Ok, breaks over time for the next set. Feel the burn again.


The Cool Down Runner

Sunday, January 8, 2017

A Wintry Weekend

If there was ever a weekend for doing nothing, this was it. Snow, sleet, rain, a blowing wind followed by bitter cold temperatures provided the perfect conditions for lounging around my house, watching foot ball and college basket ball on the TV. Sounds pretty good; don’t it.

However, lying around my house wasn’t the only thing that I did. Yesterday, I knocked down a 12 mile run during some of the heavier periods of snow.  Some people may dread the snow arriving here in the Charlotte area, but I love it. Put a layer of snow on the ground, and a run over a course that I done 1000 times becomes a completely different run.

Today’s run was a lot trickier. Black ice left me slip sliding throughout my run. Ice, I am less of a fan, but I still relish the challenge that comes with it.  

In a few days, the temperatures will rise above freezing and this January snow of ’17 will be nothing more than a distant memory.  

I guess it is for the best. Otherwise, I wouldn’t look forward them as much.
Here's hoping your weekend was awesome.


The Cool Down Runner