Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Injury Reserve

Saturday morning, my first 20 miler in a while went pretty well. Sunday morning, I headed out for 10 miles and from the first few steps there was a dull pain on the medial side of my knee.  At the time, I thought it was nothing more than some residual effects from working around my house on Saturday afternoon. Monday morning, the same dull ache continued, and I noticed some swelling and the area was painful to the touch as well. Tuesday morning, I had a mid week 14 miler planned. I made it to 12 miles before calling a halt to the run.

The pain was effecting my stride and nothing good ever came from this situation so I walked home.

I guess this puts me on the injury reserve list for a while. How long I am not sure.
I'll hobble a few miles each day. The streak must continue but otherwise, I'll let it heal.
The Cool Down Runner

Monday, August 1, 2016

A 20 miler on a cloudy Saturday morning

After postponing this run for several weekends, last Saturday morning I finally muscled together the necessary mental drive and forced myself to run 20 miles in this summer time heat.

There was even a token effort on my part to get out the door at an early hour. However, with the temperature already hovering near 80 degrees and the air thick with humidity, 6 AM seemed to be more late than early.

At least part of my run went off before the sun truly crested over the tree line.

For most part this was a rather quiet run. George A did jump in while I was passing through Huntersville. Rolling along Main Street, I noticed this guy pull in to a driveway ahead of me, and the run across the road. As I was passing him, he jumped in to run along with me. His face looked familiar but I couldn’t place the name. George lives in the Huntersville area and was heading for a run on the Davidson College XC course. We chatted for a few minutes and then he ran back to his car. His visit was an unexpected but a much appreciated distraction from what was otherwise a hot and tiring run.

The return trip home was less eventful. For the most part the sun stayed behind the clouds until I hit the 17 mile mark. Allowing me to feel better than I would have felt otherwise.

Hard to believe but I am roughly 12 weeks out from the Marshall Marathon in Nov. Where has the year gone.

The Cool Down Runner