Thursday, March 31, 2011

Booster Run

Each year my daughter's school does a Booster Run where the kids collect pledges for every lap that they run. So this morning, I headed down to watch them run. Rarely do my daughters want to run for anything but this is one day where I get to watch them run.

I love watching children. They take running at its purest form clean, fun, and with a smile on their faces. Only as adults do we grimace as we push ourselves toward exhaustion.

Children don't know what it means to hold back anything. From the start, they go as hard as they can until they have to start walking. And, what is most funny is that when the announcing tells them they have only 2 minutes left, they are suddenly abound with energy again and sprinting toward the finish line.

If only someone would tell me that I only had a few minutes to run. Maybe a swell of energy would erupt inside of me and send me sprinting toward the finish line in the same way. I can't say that it has happened recently.

I included a couple of pictures from the run. I think with a little work they might turn into pretty decent runners. They appear to have the stride for it.


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Mixed pace run

This morning I rolled out for a little mixed pace 10 mile run. After a couple of miles warm up, I headed into my workout of 1, 2, 3, 2, 1, 2, 3, 2, and 1 with ½ recovery. The workout went well and even better that it was only drizzling instead of the usual pouring/freezing rain that has plagued me since last Saturday night.

Now, it is on to a core workout this evening, followed by some time on the trainer before finishing the evening off with a 4 mile run. That's pretty much how my days go right now. With only 19 days until Boston, my legs need to pop back and soon.


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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

4 sets of 3 minutes follow 2 x 1 minute

This morning I was working my way through an early morning 14 mile run with some speed play thrown into the center of it. It was only 20 minutes of work but honestly, I think it is worth it to schedule this type of stuff during my longer runs.

First, it breaks up the run and gives the mind something to do other than just zone out. I mean how often during a long do people really change the pace that they are running. Using myself as an example, I would say that not many do.

Secondly, doing a little speed play during a longer run can help condition the mind to running at a faster pace while tired. One of the hardest things for any runner is to pick up the pace once fatigue starts to set in to the body.

Thirdly, one should mix up the speed play. Don't just do intervals where they are all the same length. Try a few longer ones and then a few shorter ones. The combination helps the body adjust to surging late in a run.

Forth thing and probably the most important part about adding this speed play to your longer workouts is once you are done and return to your previous pace, it feels so much easier. To the mind, it is like "why was I complaining about this being so hard" "This is really easy now". Those last couple of miles of the end will end up being the easiest and best of the entire run.

This is pretty much how my 14 miler went this morning. I headed out the door and about 5 miles into it I started my 1st of 4 sets of 3 minutes followed 2 x 1 minute with ½ recovery. The first one was tough but then the body and the mind settled into a rhythm and the rest were reeled off like clockwork. Some 20+ minutes later, I was over half way through my workout and didn't even realize it.


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Notes from my 5k this past weekend

As many of you know I ran one of the middle legs on our CRC 100 by 5k relay team this past weekend.

So this morning, I downloaded the data from my Garmin on to my notebook and found some interesting stuff.

First, the PDS track is long. LOL According to my Garmin I ran 3.22 miles for the 5k so I am going to take this up with Ben. Maybe someone knows how we can shorten the track. Either we take something out of the middle or from the ends and then push it together. LOL.

Second thing, the PDS track has a hill on it. I know everyone will think I am kidding, but I am not. LOL. I measured the lowest point to be 692 ft above sea level and the highest point to be 750 ft. That's like a 10% grade over a ¼ mile. Personally, I think the hill is on the back stretch because that is where I felt the worst.

All this goes into my excuse bank for this run.

On a more serious note, something that really jumped out at me was my heart rate.

Avg BPM – Max BPM

  • 177 – 197
  • 197 – 207
  • 197 – 203
  • 194 – 199
  • 186 – 189
  • 178 – 191
  • 183 – 192
  • 174 – 191
  • 165 – 174
  • 161 – 174
  • 158 – 164

Average for the run was 177 with a max of 207.

Clearly, in the early miles my heart was running a lot higher than normal and much higher than I expected. Part of this could have been due to the cold temps and rain, possibly by running so late at night, or even just the adrenalin from knowing it was my turn to take the baton and not wanting to let my fellow team mates down. However, there is a silver lining. My heart rate started to really settle down after the first 2 miles. I just need another 23 miles to show it now and that opportunity comes in just 3 weeks.


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Sunday, March 27, 2011

CRC World Record 5k Relay isn’t spoiled by showers

Yes, the showers arrived in Charlotte this weekend but they didn't spoil the party as the Charlotte Running Club Relay Team set the World Record for a 5k relay of 100 people in 30 hours 56 minutes and 49 seconds.

We should all give a lot of people a big pat on the back for their efforts starting with Aaron and Ben. Both took up the challenge of getting this event off the ground. But we also need to give a big thanks to many others including those who gave of food and water for our efforts. And we especially need to give thanks to the people who volunteered their time to be counters and cheer leaders etc in the freezing cold and rain. Being chilled to the bone while the rain is blowing sideways takes a lot of commitment when one could be home in bed.

For me the weekend was a combination of running and making a lot new friends. Being a part of such a large running club means that I will not know everyone. However, this weekend I took a huge step toward meeting a lot of my fellow CRC members. By late Saturday night I had lost count of the number of new people that I have met. And, to be brutally honest it was a fantastic opportunity to meet so many people that share the same passion for running as I do.

I wish I could end my post with what I have said above but I cannot leave without sharing my 5k relay experience.

I went off a little after 11 pm Saturday night as Billy and I were the Captains of the crew leading into the new day. The rain had been coming down for a while and was pouring pretty hard when I headed out for my warm miles. At least I thought they would be warm up miles. To my chagrin, my shoes and clothes were totally soaked by the time I had run ½ mile. By the time that I made it back to the track, my shoes seemed to have soaked all of the available water. I shed down to my racing apparel and stood shaking as I waited my turn in the relay. I don't think I have every tried to race when it was so cold and rainy. It was just pouring. And the wind was gusting so hard that the rain was coming at me sideways.

On my first lap I hit an 88 seconds. My legs were stinging and my body super tight. I could never find any rhythm. Each lap seemed to be a struggle and my legs just didn't want to turn over. What really helped was the crowd support. I want to send big "kudos" to Aaron, Paul, and anyone else that yell loudly at me. I needed all the encouragement that I could get. They were counting down the laps and I was so happy just to complete my turn and hand off the baton. As I walked into the infield someone asked me if I warmed up. The short answer was "no". I was shaking terribly. After making the rounds telling everyone thanks for their shouts of encouragement, I headed for my car. I turned on the heater and tried to change out of the wet clothes. Maybe 20 minutes later, I had finally dried off enough and got warm enough to roll back out of my car to continue my Captain and photography duties.

With the cold temps, monsoon rain, and blowing wind, I cannot remember ever running a race in such adverse conditions. Truly, I hope I never have too again.

To finish things off I want to send a huge round of congratulation to my fellow CRC Relay teammates. Individually we each did 1% of the work but as a team we combined to set a World Record and create a memory that will last forever.


Thank You!!!!!


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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Last Truly Long Run before Boston is in the Books

Each marathon training cycle I do a beyond the race distance training run. Don't ask me why, it is just something that I do. Usually, the distance is 27 or 28 miles depending on what my body lets me do.

Normally, this run occurs on the last weekend before I start my taper so roughly 3 weeks out from my marathon. However, in this training cycle the CRC 5k relay fell on this weekend and threw a monkey wrench into my training plans. With me going off late on Saturday night, it pretty much put a weekend long run out of the question.

So I opted to change it to Thursday. After all, I should be able to run it and recover before Saturday night. Right.

Well, first Megan got wind of it and wanted in. Later Mike worked some magic to clear his schedule so he was in.

Thus at 5:20 this morning Megan, Mike, and I headed out to run the first Thursday Charlotte Marathon + 2 miles. As with any big time marathon we had some pacers to make sure that we got out at just the right pace – thanks Ben and Alex for the lead out, but soon they dropped away leaving the 3 of us to do absorb the next 25 miles alone.

Megan had laid out a pretty nice course for us. First we headed north on Sardis, then south on Monroe Rd past Matthews. There we circled through a neighborhood greenway path before coming back out in Matthews. Then it was back to 51 which we followed down to Rea Rd before turning north all the way to Carmel. I think it was Carmel. I was getting a little delirious at this point. We circled by PDS for a water stop before heading down Sardis Rd to Mc Alpine. Just as we were entering the park, we crossed the 18 mile point.

For the last 10 miles we pretty much covered all of Mc Alpine before leaving the park and heading back to Megan and Ben's house. This is where Megan forced Mike and me to climb this insanely steep hill. Honestly, it was just what we needed. It gave us a tough finish to callus the mind and body for Boston's Heartbreak hill.

We totaled 28 miles of running in 3 hours 29 minutes.

There was a few times where I felt like I was struggling to hang on. Worst was when we were coming around for the 27 mile. Megan and Mike put a little gap on me as we headed back from crossing Margret Wallace Rd. I thought "no big deal", I would close up the distance.

It didn't exactly happen that way. Yes, I did pick up the pace but I was not closing the distance. In fact, I was losing distance to them. It was mile 27 so if the wheels seemed to be coming off, this was the time for it. But no, I covered the 27 mile in 7:03, they just ran a 6:40. At least I felt better when I learned their split.

Otherwise, I felt fine most of the run. I took 3 gels - one every 6 miles. We had two water stops.

Having done several of these runs during the last few years they seem to drag on forever. Today, the 3 and ½ hours seemed to fly by. I wish all of my runs went this way.

Special thanks to Megan and Mike helping get me through it.



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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Holding out on me

I am writing this blog to specifically give Mike B. a hard time for holding out on me this morning.

Let me start by setting this up. Over the last couple of days, we exchanged several emails about doing some speed work this morning at Mc Alpine. We agreed upon a little 8x2 minutes with 1 minute recovery.

So this morning we headed out at 5:30 with the group including Jay, Ben, Mike K. and Alex. Or at least I think it was Alex. In my morning brain fog way, I didn't even introduce myself.

But back to the story, after 4 miles Mike and I broke off to start our speed work. Right from the start, Mike is churning pretty speedily. Each one, he is gapping me more and more even thou, I felt I like I am running each one harder. On the last one, he clearly smokes me and is probably 5 or 6 seconds at the very least ahead of me.

I was left thinking that I must be even more tired than I thought because I literally felt like I was dragging a huge ball and chain.

Then, on the run back to parking lot we meet up with Mike K. Mike B. then starts to explain that he took Monday off.

Ah, now the light goes off in my head. Mike fluid "pep" legs makes way more sense to me. I am back there suffering through with two very tired legs and he has the spring of a Kangaroo in his legs. Honestly, I think he did it on purpose. Thus, I genuinely feel that I have a right to give him a hard time about it. The entire workout, he knew and purposely was making me work harder and was probably smiling on the inside (it was dark and I was chasing so he could have been doing it on the outside. I will never know). That's okay. I probably deserve it - all things considered. LOL



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Monday, March 21, 2011

Cardiac Arrest

Early this morning, I was updating my online running log and when I finished, I started browsing a few other runners to see how their races this past weekend went.

I pulled up John C. and he talks about going through the first mile in 4:47 and the second mile in 4:51. I just had to laugh to myself. If I went through the first mile in 4:47 , I would be in total oxygen debt. And if I somehow managed to hit the second mile in 4:51, the paramedics would need to break out the paddles because I am sure that I would be headed for full cardiac arrest.

But then, this is what I get for trying to compare myself to someone that is 20 years younger.


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Long Runs

After having so many people run marathons this past weekend Tobacco Road and LA etc, I was little hesitant to share my week end exploits. After all, I was just out running while everyone else was racing.

But who would I be if I didn't keep myself honest.

Saturday morning Mike and I met at the Mallard Creek Elementary school and headed out for a 24 mile run. We took in the north section first - all the way to Prosperity Church Road and then back heading south. We picked up the west branch next before hitting the dirt section of the run. Somewhere along the way, I saw my Garmin click over to 10 miles and I casually mentioned to Mike that I was already tired. I didn't get much sympathy from him. After all, I was the one that suggested we do the 24 miler.

Leaving the dirt section, we headed along the south end of the greenway and took a right on to the UNCC section. This was only the 2nd time that I have been on this section and I have to say – I like this extension. We took a quick water stop at the fountain near the UNCC tennis courts before making our way to the UNCC section. From there it was out to the end of the main greenway. The board bridge section is always nice even thou it is a bridge to nowhere.

Back to the dirt section we crossed the 18 mile barrier. My legs were dragging but I was hoping that it didn't show. I was really hoping to head back to the cars, but there weren't enough miles so we had to do the west section again. Instead of stopping at the end, we headed out into the neighborhood for a couple of reasons. One, I knew there was a nasty hill that we needed to climb. It makes heart break look tame. Second, I was trying to cross off enough miles that we could head directly back to our cars. This time we went all the way to Sugar Creek Rd.

By the time, we got back on to the greenway; we had just two miles left to run. Honestly, I was ready for it to be over.

Running with Mike is pretty good. Other than a few hills, our pace remained consist over the entire run. Our last 2 miles were the quickest with a 6:44 and finished it off 7:02.

I know it wasn't a marathon. Still, it part of a 100 mile week and it was my 3rd heavy week in row.

Now, there are 4 weeks left to Boston which means that I am in my final week of really heavy training. It also means that I will be running my typical longest run – 28 miles.

A question to ponder is "If you are tired after 24 miles, how do you expect to run 4 miles?"



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Friday, March 18, 2011

St. Patrick’s Day 4.4 Miler (i.e. Old SharkBite Run)

Yesterday evening I headed down to the Dilworth Area to help out with their St. Patrick's Day 4.4 Miler. Eimear and I had been exchanging emails for a few weeks now and she had invited me to run with them. Never passing up the chance to make the miles go by easier, I readily agreed.

I hadn't run on this course for a couple years. Not since Tim Long was doing these runs on regularly on Thursday nights.

Living in Charlotte for years now, I know a lot of runners, but I never cease to be amazed at all of the new faces as people make running a part of the lives.

One of the new faces was Jon. Jon and I had attended college together and went through some of the same computer science classes, but like most people we lost touch after college. Once or twice over the years, I would run into him. Then, I few weeks ago, I noticed that he (or who I thought was him) was on the relay team. I wasn't sure if it was the same guy. I mean you never know. Then, last Saturday, I saw him at the Corporate Cup race. We didn't get a chance to sync up. He was running and I was taking pictures so it was a surprise yesterday when I saw him.

Emear did a great job organizing the run and even had a clock and small prizes for everyone afterwards.

The run was just like I like it beautiful weather and plenty of people to share to the experience. The hills were just like I remembered them not long but steep.

My quads were definitely not happy doing a second up tempo run. After all, they took good care of me during my run at McAlpine in the morning. Maybe 2 miles into our run my legs were just starting to loosen up.

Once the blood started flowing and I was able to cruise along. But again, those first couple of miles was really tough.

I was the first one back and took pictures of everyone as they finished. I wish the pictures had turned out better, but I was using my little hand held camera so I could carry it during our run. Besides, I am still a budding photographer.

As I understand it, they have these Thursday evening runs every week so anyone interested just has to show up and run.


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Thursday, March 17, 2011

6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Workout

Megan and I had scheduled this workout for this morning. Then she laid a surprise on me. Ben would be joining. Oh, great, I would be watching him disappear in the sunset or in this case the sun rise. LOL

We hit the McAlpine course after a 2 mile warm up from the Old Bell entrance and rolled right into the workout. I was little sluggish getting started. Crossing the mile point in 5:43 Ben was about 15 seconds ahead and Megan was a few seconds behind. We rolled through the next 5 minute interval. Then, on the 4 minute interval I thought, I am going to at least make Ben work a little which turned out to be for about 200 yards. I did the same thing on the 3 minute interval and again on the 2 minute interval. Each time I was trying to hang on a little longer.

So with 1 minute interval looming last, I hatched a plan as climbed the hill on the 2nd trip around the 5k course. I would bump into him and maybe get him off stride just enough that I could get a head start.

Well, no plan ever works a cleanly as one plans it. The Bump and Run i.e. Sprint wasn't good enough and Ben was gone sprinting away from me. I was kind of stumbling along. That was bad but then Megan came blowing by me. I really think I just out smarted myself in this situation. I was barely able to catch up to her before our 1 minute interval was over.

Best of all I got in a great workout and enjoyed be pushed to improve.


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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Relay Run Capitain’s Meeting

Yesterday evening at the PDS track, Ben called a meeting for the Relay Run Captions of which I have volunteered to be one of the captains.

Ben calls the meeting at 6pm on a week day which I don't know about anyone but trying to cross Charlotte during rush hour is a pain. This was brought to bear yesterday when I left home at 5pm for a 6 pm meeting. I was making good time until a headed down Brookshire trying to get on to Independence Blvd. I guess someone tried to drive their car long the bank and hit of the lamp pole. Causing it to bend and appear ready to drop right on the road. Well, the police were blocking two of the three lanes. So there I was making good time when suddenly I spent the next 3 miles and 50 minutes crawling forward one car at a time.

When the clock in my car clicked over to 6pm, I was just passing the light pole. I thought it was better to be late than to not show up at all. At least, I wouldn't feel guilty for skipping.

But apparently, I wasn't the only struggling the Charlotte headaches yesterday. Only Ben and Gordon were there when I arrived. Talk about having some luck after all.

Eventually, a few other stragglers showed up. I will not name them due to the fact that I was late as well. Sometime, I have to protect the innocent and the guilty. LOL

The meeting was good. Ben went over the details about the race and contacting people as well as some of the rules. Ben would have a complete list but I will share a few here.

  • Runners should stay in the inside lane
  • Runners can only exchange the baton in the exchange zones
  • No runners can be paced
  • No runners can warm up on the track while waiting their turn
  • The order of runners is absolute so if some runs late, another runner can go in their place. Essentially, everyone bumps up one until they arrive.
  • If someone cannot make, they should call their captain who will then call one of the alternate runners to feel in.
  • Runners should arrived 90 minutes before they expected time to run
  • Runners should check-in to let their Captain know they have arrived.
  • There is question about lighting so if you are running at night, bring your head lamp.
  • Captains will be reaching out the respective relay members to confirm their times and to provide them with a contact number.
  • Progress updates will CRC facebook page during the day.


And above all come out, hang out, and enjoy a day with other runners as well as the support staff. These guys will be there the entire weekend.

I plan to spend a great deal of the weekend at PDS.

FYI, the list above is from my notes from last night's meeting. If you have questions, I am sure Ben would be happy to answer them.


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Monday, March 14, 2011

2 more weeks

Yes, that is right. I have just two more weeks to drag my old and tired body through these hard marathon workouts and then, I can let the taper began heading into Boston.

But to be honest, my run this morning felt a little like the taper had already begun. I headed out for my usual 12 mile run early this morning with a little 4 x 5 minutes action thrown in the center.

Some times with all of the heaving lifting, I forget what it is actually like to run with even semi fresh legs. However, having taken 2 days of running just 7 miles each day, I actually felt like I was pawing at the asphalt this morning.

Those hills where I usually start to drag down, I was actually bouncing up them. The downhills that I usually just relax and enjoy, I was charging down them.

Then, the 3.5 miles warm down to the finish went by easily.

Keep your fingers crossed for me that I have that same feeling when I pass by the Red Sox's Stadium on my way to the finish.



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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Corporate Cup ½ marathon

Saturday morning I headed to uptown Charlotte to watch the Corporate Cup ½ marathon and see a lot of my friends run. Funny thing as all ways, people gave me a hard time for not running because if I am at a race, I am usually running.

Wished a lot of people good luck and took up my spot down the street so I could take some pictures. A while back I got a new camera but it has hardly been out of box.

Checking out the race and taking lots of picture seemed like the ideal way to kill two birds with one stone.

From a few of the pictures, it was easy to see the newbie photographer in me. I cropped off a few heads, arms, and feet. A few times, I missed them all together.

Oh, well, I promise that I will be at other races and I promise next time that I will make up for any missed shots.

Let me change topics here.

Racing, I don't often get to watch other people run unless they are running close in front of me. Saturday, watching people run by I got to see all types of forms. Some of the forms were really good and a few looked really awkward even to the point, it looked a little painful.

I remember watching John Compton run by me on Morehead Street. He looked so smooth. No grimacing looks on his face, but just hard determination to get to the finish.

Mike B. and Mike K came rolling by me just a short time later. Both looked like they were working hard in a good way.

Tim Meigs came by me. He is Master's Runner from the Raleigh area. If I remember correctly, he ran something like 2:38 at Richmond last fall and is looking to crack the 2:40 barrier at Boston in a few weeks. Considering that he ran 1:15 on the Corporate Course, he is will on his way to meeting that goal.

All of them had pretty decent forms and that goes without saying. The faster that an individual runs the more likely they will have pretty decent form. But regardless of a runner's form, running a lot will take whatever form a runner has and make it as efficient as it will possible be. I am living proof.

To everyone else, congratulations on your corporate cup effort.

I have shared all of my pictures on facebook. Click here to see them: Part 1 and Part 2


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Friday, March 11, 2011

What changed?

I ask "What changed?". Yesterday, I was out running and felt like I was dragging a truck along behind me. Mind you, I was only running 10 miles. Today, I was up and out the door early doing a 22 miler and my legs had way more bounce in them than I ever expected.

I wish I could explain it. Better yet, I wish I knew how to make it happen every race day.

Oh well, I will have to just accept that this is how life goes.

5 more weeks plus a couple of days are all that stands between me and running of my first Boston Marathon. I have to admit the training seems to have gone well up to this point.

I have two more big weeks ahead of me, but after the pounding of December, January, and February, making it through two more weeks shouldn't present a problem. From my perspective, two weeks or two hills it is all the same. I am looking forward to the downhill side which comes with the taper.

And, to be honest, while there is still 5 weeks until Boston, I am starting to get a little excited about it. Even if I have a bad day, I will still walk away with a wonderful experience.


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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rain Soaked this morning

With the rain rolling into Charlotte yesterday evening and it being expected to continue at least through part of today, I knew at least some of my runs would be rainy ones. This morning I headed out for a 10 mile run with a 6 mile tempo in the center.

First, the temperatures were in the low 50s but it felt like 60s. My clothes were soaked from the outside from the steady rain and soaked from the inside because I over dressed. Literally, I was soaked all the way through and chilled to the bone when I headed into the wind.

And that was just clothes, my socks and running shoes seemed to act like sponges. They absorbed all of the surrounding water that they touched. By 5 miles, my legs felt like they were lifting two huge weights.

Put all of this together and it wasn't one of my more spectacular efforts. Upon reaching the 5 mile point of the run, I had clear thoughts of just shutting it down and running to the finish. But some reason, I choose not to. Maybe it was mental toughness or maybe it was just the desire to not give in under such adverse conditions, I am not sure which was true. But either way, I kept going and actually did pretty well over the last 3 miles.

Days like today take me back to a Lance Armstrong saying "Pain is temporary, but quitting is forever".

Quitting is just word that I will freely admit; I want to remove it from my vocabulary.

And "True Champions rise above adversity"



Thoughts from the Cool Down Runner

Monday, March 7, 2011

Hey Spada

Back at my notebook this morning and I thought that I would share this little story with everyone.

Mike plus baby jogger, Megan, and I were doing a 22 mile run on the Mallard Creek Greenway early Saturday morning. We were cutting through the IBM Research Park gravel path when we came up on a group of runners.

As we were passing, we were exchanging the normal running pleasantries. I was just about to complete the pass when this guy said something to me. It kind of struck me funny. You know it is when somebody says something but is just doesn't register. All this occurred in a split second.

I thought; did he say "hey, Spada". I just looked back smiled and said hey. Now, to this guy's credit, I was trying to emulate the Spada running style and was sporting the "Spada" backwards cap. So I guess at two feet apart, I could have been mistaken for Steve.

Mike, Megan, and I ran another ½ mile when I could not stand it anymore. I asked them. Did that guy actually call me Spada? They both laugh and said yeah, that's what they heard. So for the rest of the run, they kept referring to me as Spada.

The next time that you are out running, and you see a guy with a backwards cap, it could be Steve, or it could be me. LOL



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Thursday, March 3, 2011

St. Patrick’s Day Run – Return of a Signature Run in Charlotte

A few weeks ago I wrote about the lack of signature runs in Charlotte. I guess that spawned some people to start thinking about it.

One of the runs that I called out in that blog was a run that Tim Long organized. His Thursday night run a few years was the place to be. I didn't realize it but while Tim has moved on from Charlotte, his run has continued.

Eimear has been leading this effort and contacted me after reading my blog about it.

The St. Patrick's Day Run starts behind the Charlotte Running Company's Dilworth Store at 6pm on 3/17/11. Assuming I don't get bogged down at work, my plan is to be at this run.

I am hoping others will join me for this evening run. It will be a great time to unwind after work and get a few good miles. Afterwards, there is talk of heading to Picassos for a little refueling.

See you there.


Thoughts from the Cool Down Runner

1-2-3-2-1-2-3-2-1 Workout

The days between my training workouts and Boston is getting smaller. That means; it is time to start ramping up the intensity.

This morning I was doing a workout that I swiped from an article by Brad Hudson.

Often during a race, I have to go through cycles of speeding up and slowing down to stay with a group. This workout was specifically targeted to help me adapt to this situation.

Megan and I headed down from the Old Bell entrance than did the workout around the Mc Alpine 5k course. The workout is pretty simple to do. 1, 2, or 3 minutes hard with each followed by equal recovery. I attempt do the shorter intervals are faster than the longer intervals. With the thought being that I learn to better adjust the shifting pace.

Today was the first time that I did this workout and something that I learned is that the legs really start to feel it during the last 3, 2, and 1. I hadn't planned to run this workout again but I may run a variation of it again before Boston.

By the way, I would to give Megan a big "thank you". If I had been doing a solo workout, I might have slacked off over the last few intervals.


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