Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Progressive Runs Revisited

Earlier in one of my blogs, I wrote about the progressive or at least what I had learned from reading about progressive runs.

In a more recent article I read about a coach using progressive runs in a different way. Instead of using 1 run per week where the runner does a progressive run. This coach professed that runners should do more progressive runs per week.

For example if you run 7 days a week instead of doing just 1 workout as a progressive run for say 40 minutes. You should switch to running 3 runs per week but of 15 each. The total time is what accounts the most. Therefore, running 3 x 15 ends up being 45 minutes of high intensity work over the single continuos 40 minutes. These 15 minutes could be at the end of your normal daily runs say on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

I have not tried this approach but during my spring training plan, I intend to try this approach. As I get older, I am always looking for ways to both increase my training intensity while not increasing the overall load on my body. I think breaking progressive runs across multiple non consecutive days may be the way to go.

Just more food for thought from the world on running.

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