Monday, October 13, 2008

2 days after

I am back in Charlotte now. I got back about 3 pm yesterday afternoon.

As I had planned, I stayed the night in Fries so I could enjoy some time on the trail.

Sunday morning, I headed out about 7:30 AM for what I expected to be an easy 10 miles. However, it turned in 11 because I wanted to run all the way to Fries Junction which is about 5 1/2 miles from Fries.

I kept the pace nice and slow. There was no need to pound out a hard pace. I just wanted the legs to turn over and get the blood flowing in them. Getting the blow in those injuried and sore muscles helps them recover faster.

After the run, I grab a quick bite, changed clothes, and headed out on my bike. While it felt great for running, the temp were a still in the high 40s so it was a bit brisk for a bike ride. Considering that I didn't dress accordingly.

For the both the bike and the run, I just took my time. I enjoyed both the view of the river and the opportunity to look at the leaves. There were some great reds, yellows, and oranges colored leaves. It was absolutely beautiful.

Back at the rental house, I cleaned up, packed up, and headed out.

Oh, yeah, my recovery continues to go well. I am using lots of ice on my legs. Next stop the 15k Saturday.

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