Wednesday, October 8, 2008

50K is 3 days away

The time of day is late but I finished my run early this morning. Covering 10 miles and maybe a little more, I did the run on the Nort Meck. Trail. It has become a regular running hole for me. The drive is only a short distance and the trail is very nice.

As the days continue to count down, I am feeling more nervous than ever. Running 31.05 miles will be one the biggest phyical challenges of my life.

I just hope to come through it and still be in one piece.

On a different note, I am already starting my packing.

Running Clothes
Other food to snack on
And my bike, I hope that I feel up to taking a short ride on the trail either Saturday evening or Sunday morning.

I am sure that is some other stuff so look for me to starting making my list. :)

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