Thursday, October 16, 2008

Big Race Weekend - 15k

This is a big race weekend for me. Since March of this year, I am been running the Run For Your Life GP series. The final event a 15k run is this weekend.

The series is mostly made up of 5k but it does have a couple of 4 milers and 10k.

But each year the GP ends with a 15k run at Lake Norman.

My most fierce competitor this year has been Steve Spada. Steve and I have been running neck and neck almost every race. Because Steve and I are about the same age, it adds to the level of competition. I am sure he tries just as hard to best me as I would try to best him.

Since the Shamrock race in March, our race time have only varied by a few second in most race.

Now, we come down to the last race of the year and either of us could take the top masters prize.

Steve is a tough competitor both physically and mentally and he will be giving his all this weekend. For myself, I hope to just stay close to him. After pounding my way through the New River 50k last weekend, Steve will definitely have a leg up on me from a general fatigue perspective.

Personally, I just hope to survive it all. I am not sure what I was thinking when I put a 50k, 15k and a marathon all with in a month of one another. I certainly like to challenge myself, but definitely, next time I need to spread out these events. I am not getting any younger.

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