Wednesday, October 29, 2008

10 Days left until OBX

This morning I headed over to Latta Plantation for an early morning run on the trails. So early in fact that the sun had yet crest the horizon.

As I was cruising along with my head lamp giving out enough light that I could see the road in front of me, I started let my thoughts drift to other topics.

Back in the summer, I joined the Mangum Track Club. My impressions of this club is that they like races that are long and I mean the longer the better. Whether that means biking, running, and/or swimming, they do it all.

Well, I met one member that was training for a triple Ironman during the Shirt Run. Last night, he emailed out a recap of his training and of the race. I was simply amazed to read how much effort that he had put into this race and how tough the race was on him.

I took solace in the fact this individual over came so much just to get to the finish line. It makes me think that I am a bit selfish. I put in my own efforts to run a 50k or marathon and fret about how well that I will do. This individual's swim time was longer than it took me to run my 50k.

In my opinion he is on a whole different level. The time and energy given for training must have been enormous. What is even more incredible, is that he talked about another race in Mexico which is basically a double - triple Ironman.

I have the utmost respect for these people and their ability to endure. We should all have this fortitude in our daily lives.

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