Saturday, October 11, 2008

50k Race Morning

I am posting this blog after the race because I can not get a connection on my Air Card in Fries, VA. There is absolutely no service.

5 AM is just about here and I am already up and moving around. Sleep is not something that I got much of last night. I guess either I am too excited about the race this morning or it could be just be because I am staying in a strange/different place.

I headed for bed about 9:30 last night but after lying around tossing and turning, I got up to do some additional reading. It took finishing another chapter in the book that I am reading before I felt like trying again.

For a small, small town Fries, Va certainly has a lot of night time traffic. I heard the cars buzzing by the house that I rented on a regular basis through out the night.

As I set here typing this blog, I have pretty good feeling about the coming race or really long run depending on how you look at it.

Preparation is somthing that is done beforehand. To this end, I have already prepared by laying out the clothes, shoes, socks, and gels that I will be using this morning.

The weather website had predicted temperatures in the 40’s for this morning, but over the last few days that has shifted. Now they are expecting the temperatures to be in the lower 50s. This should be just about perfect for running. Although they are expecting the temperatures to rise into the 70’s by mid afternoon, for me, it is absolutely important that I stay on pace. I want to be finished before it gets too warm.

That’s it for now. My next blog will be after the race

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