Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bike Accident

I was recovering quite nicely from the 50k this past weekend, but then accidents do happen. I was out for a 12 mile bike ride on Monday evening. I was in the last two miles and as usual I cycle around this loop in my development.

The first loop went smoothly but on the 2nd loop an SUV appeared where I was expecting it. I shoved my bike to one side. In doing so I shifted my head and torso to the opposite side and right into the back of the SUV.

Some how my feet came out of the toe clips and I was standing there beside the SUV. It took a minute for me to shake of the loose cob webs.

I touched my face and blood covered my hand. I thought at first that I busted my nose. Being a total idiot, I still have a couple of miles to ride so rather than heading straight home, I continued the ride with blood pouring every where.

Enough, that I have to clean if off my bike. For my jersey, I will probably never get out the stains.

Once home I cleaned off the blood. I didn't have a busted nose but I did have a nasty cut between my nose and lip.

Prudenance kicked in and I headed over to the urgent care office. They finished cleaning me up and put 5 stitches in my lip. I have to tell that the needle they used to numb the area around the cut hurt worse than the crash.

So almost 48 hours later, I still have this fat upper lip but it seems to be healing nicely. Eating food is a bit tricky as my lips are not their normal size and the upper lip still feels numb.

Lucky for me, I don't run on my lips so it hasn't impacted my training.

Thoughts of a True Runner.

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