Wednesday, October 22, 2008

17 Days left until OBX

They say that adding extra sleep time can aid in your recovery. I believe them when they make these type of statements. But it doesn't help when you wake up a 5:15 AM and cannot go back to sleep.

After deciding that more sleep wasn't going to happen, I stretched out my tired muscles and used the stick on my legs. Everything seemed in working order.

The sun was still a ways from rising over the horizon.

I checked the temps. It was a nippy 45 degrees. Once I knew the current temperates, I then worked on figuring out the appropriate cloths to wear. Something that keeps me warm but doesn't over heat me toward the end of the run. I usually follow the old adage "cool at the start then toasty during the run" .

On Wednesdays, I usually to a 10 mile trail run at the North Meck. Park. Being that it was still dark, I was not going to be deterred.

I spent the first 45 minutes of the run working on my ankle flexing but I otherwise stayed on my feet.

I always find it fascinating to watch the transition from night into day. As you are cruising along on the trail trying to pick up roots and rocks, then suddenly the dawn happens and you can no longer even see your head lamp against the ground.

My legs are still a feel heavy and sore from the past two weeks but they do appear to be recovery well. If all goes well, they should be ready by OBX

Have a great day running.

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