Friday, October 10, 2008

50K is 1 day away

Well, it is almost 7pm and I am mere hours away from running my first ultra marathon - albeit just a 50k in Ultra terms. But as I have said it; it will be longest run of my life.

I am getting a lot more nervous as the start time grows near. The butterflies are kicking up in my tummy.

I went over to pick up my number and water bottle. They are giving out the shirts tomorrow after the race. They already had the start finish line banner up.

I stood at the start finish line pawing at the dirt. I was thinking about the physical challenges that lay before me. Every person goes through life wanting to prove them shelves. Each accept and performs these challenges in different ways. For me personally, running is where I accept my challenge and test my self to the limit.

To race, I know my prep has been good and that I am running well. At this point, I have to have confidence that I am done everything humanly possible to ready my self for this run.

Beyond that I have take what comes.

My plan is to run 75, 75, 75, and then hold on the last 1.1 miles. If my strategy goes as planned, I will finish just inside of 4 hours.

Just in time, they are starting lunch from 12 to 3 for the racers. :)

It will be probably 5 or 6 PM tomorrow before I updated my blog with the results of the race but don't worry; I will.

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