Monday, October 20, 2008

19 Days left until OBX

19 days are left until the OBX marathon. So rest, rest, rest is the most important thing on the my schedule now.

And believe me, I needed it.

I finished off my last really long run yesterday i.e. Sunday - 22 miles.

After running so many long runs this one wasn't really that bad. Today, my legs are a little sore and stiff. I didn't do enough stretching either Saturday or after the run yesterday. My legs are paying for it now.

Like most Mondays this fall, I run at McAlpine. For the most part McAlpine park is pretty much flat.

But anytime I can avoid the roads and run on the dirt then I try to do it. It is just so much easier on the legs.

I found some more pics from the 50k so I drop one on this entry.

If all goes well, I will blog each day leading up to the marathon and then a few days afterward. Thus documenting my thoughts and worries as I handle the road a head.

May your trails be smooth and soft.

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