Tuesday, October 7, 2008

50K is 4 days away

Four more days until I run my first 50k.

My thigh which has been sore for more than a week is feeling much better. I have been icing it several times per day and the soreness is slowly abaiting.

As for workouts, I rode 12.27 last night. I felt a little tired but not overly so. I decided over the weekend to limit my riding from here until the marathon. At 43, running well is as much as about recovery as it is about working out.

While the bike workout don't seem as hard as running, when I limit my bike riding, my running appears to pick up. And with a 50k Saturday and 15k GP race the following week, I really need to concertrate on running well and fast. I hope it is part of a building process that will have me run a great time at OBX.

For today, I am heading over to Latta Plantation to run a hill workout. The Latta Plantation Park has some nice gravel roads so it should be a good workout. Then, later today, I plan to swing by the Y and do a little swimming.

I like getting into the pool because it makes my legs feel better the next day.

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