Friday, October 24, 2008

15 Days left until OBX

The days continue to count down to OBX. I have to say that the excitement is starting to build in side. Even thou, I am only a few days removed from running my 50k and then 15k later. Definitely, it is funny how mentally we can turn things around with a few days of rest.

I am in my first week of my marathon taper so my mileage is down to 80 miles this week. Today, I only ran 9 miles. This is really helping my legs. The soreness continues to go away from the thighs.

I attribute this to in part some rest miles but also I got a massage yesterday. I ususally feel a bit sluggish the next day and today was no exception. However, it does make my legs feel a ton better. I am certain that I could have sustained the mileage that I have run without getting all those weekly massages.

I am heading into 20 miler tomorrow. If the weather man has his way, it will be a wet 20 miler but that is okay. Running in the rain is always a fun run for me.

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