Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow Marathon

With conditions only looking to get worse for running this weekend, I headed out the door for my last long run before Myrtle Beach. Several hours later, I was safe and sound back home after having just completed a 28 mile run in the snow, sleet, and freezing rain.

Normally, I would never recommend anyone do a run like this under such adverse conditions but then, I never listen to my own advice.

Conditions were tough overall, but conditions varied depending on where I was running.

The first 12 miles were kind of fun. Running in the snow was a new and different experience. But from about 15 on, I started to get little tired and the wind, snow, and sleet pushed me to get to the finish as quickly as possible.

Most of the time, it was like running on the beach in soft sand. A few of the bridges were the worst because they had more slush than frozen snow. The most similar situation that comes to mind is if you compare it to running in mud. You have to think about pushing down and you have to focus on picking up your foot and keeping the shoe on the foot because the shoes tends to want to stay down in the slush.

Since the wind was coming out the north, I made sure to run the 1st half of the run with the wind my face. Only a few times, when I turned on some side streets did I encounter the wind over the 2nd half. Definitely, this was a big helper and kept me from getting too cold during the last 10 miles.

On a side note, I had this happen before, but not in a long time. With the freezing rain and sleet it tends to collect on my eye lashes. Every few miles I had to reach up and brush it off. When the ice starts to collect, you can feel it.

Traffic was not too bad either. Most people moved over to give me plenty of room. Only in one situation did one driver decide to drive right up next to me. And, I guess he assumed that I didn't see because he blew his horn as he passed.

My energy levels were good throughout the run. I took a Gel every 5 miles except mile 27. With only a mile left, I didn't really need it. The rush to get home and out of the cold was enough motivation alone.

The post run effects are the worst now. I am dog tired, but I did muster up enough energy to walk a mile or so this evening. I didn't want to hit the cold again, but I knew the walk would help with my recovery.

Tomorrow is another day and there is another run to do.


Thoughts from the Cool Down Runner

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