Sunday, November 22, 2009

PDS Pre Foot Locker Time Trial

There is nothing better than spending a weekend surrounded by other runners and nowhere is the enthusiasm for running better than with high school cross country runners.

Early Saturday afternoon, I headed over for Ben Hovis’ Pre Foot Locker 2 mile time trial. This was my first time attending this type of event so I was soaking up everything.

Ben does an excellent job with this event. There were 3 different heats: a boys’ heat, a girls’ heat, and a very fast boys’ heat.

The regular boys’ heat kicked off at 3pm.
The girls’ heat kicked off at 3:20pm, and the fast boys’ at 3:40pm.

Ben provided the in race analysis.
I helped out with the race timing, and Stan helped with keeping the runners organized as they finished.

It was great seeing such youg runners pushing themselves on a Saturday afternoon. Many, I am sure, will be running Foot Locker next weekend and do exceptionally well.

Here's a photo of Stan before the heats. He warmed up but we couldn't get him in the race.
Maybe next year, we can move him from helping to racing.

I am already looking forward to helping out next year.

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