Monday, November 16, 2009

First the Goal, then next comes the plan

Okay, now that my goal is the BiLo Myrtle Beach Marathon and my name has been officially added to the entrants list, a plan needs to be put together to achieve it. Under normal conditions, there would be several months of base work followed by a transition period and then a taper for my races.

But for this race, time and focus become all the more important.

Let's assume that I start my training plan for the Myrtle Beach Marathon the 1st of December, this give me roughly three weeks of recovery, eight weeks to whip myself into shape, and two weeks of taper. That is not a lot of time for a marathon plan.

For the next two weeks, my recovery from OBX needs to continue. Keep the miles easy but let the runs grow gradually longer. The only exception to this rule is for the Tabata workouts. These workouts are integral part of my recovery day workouts and have really been helping with my leg turn over.

For the month of December I will use both short and long hill repeats to build back leg strength and steady progressive runs to build aerobic power.

For the month of January I will move into some faster running on the track with some long repeats.

Along the way, I would like to pick up a couple of races to keep myself honest with my efforts and keep my racing edge sharp.

As I touched on early I usually do a three week taper, but with this accelerated plan a two week taper will be the max allowable time.

So for right now, this is just a rough outline for the plan that I am putting together.


Tales for a runner in search of a plan.



caitchris said...

Hey Bill, DO you know of any good 800m hills in Charlotte?

Cool Down Runner said...

I usually run the hills in the huntersville business park. With the wide roads and low traffic, it is pretty decent place to run.

There is a nice one that is about 1/4 mile and then some long one around 1/2 mile