Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My first XC Spikes

After 26 years of running, I test drove my new XC Spikes. Yes, that right. After 26 years of running, I bought and started the break in process for a new pair of Saucony Shay cross country spikes.

This might surprise some people. They may have assumed that I ran in high school or college and would have worn spikes. But no, I never have.

Until my Tabata workout this morning when laced up my new spikes, I could honestly say that I never put on spikes of any kind.

To back up a bit, a few weeks ago I was invited to travel along on a trip to run in the USAT&F Cross Country Team Championships. Not wanting to be the only one running without spikes, I decided to break down and buy myself a pair.

On Monday, the UPS man delivered them to my door.

Today, I took them with me so that when I did my Tabata workout, I could start to get the feel of them.

When I finished my normal run, I pulled my XC shoes out of my car and put in the spikes.

I carried them over to the grass and put them on.

The Saucony Shay spikes seem to run just a little large –maybe ¼ to ½ size large. Also they are very narrow. I thought my Nike shoes were narrow but these Shay shoes are extremely narrow.

They fit so snugly that I don’t need to lace them up very tight to keep them on.

Clearly running in them is different. They are light and they grab the ground. I found myself adjusting my stride somewhat so that it felt better.

About half way through the workout, I felt like I was starting to get the hang of them.

I did notice how hard they felt in the mid foot. That is something that I have never felt in my regular running shoes.

The plan is to continue to do my Tabata and Diagonal workouts in them until the XC race. After the XC race they will go on the self until the summer track season.

Tales from the Cool Down Runner with XC spikes.


Justin said...

"UPS Man delivered them?" I thought you were on the Try Sports team.

Cool Down Runner said...

You ask a good question and one that I feel should be answered.

Yes, I am on the TrySport Team and Yes, I buy alot of my shoes from them.

But something you might not know is TrySport is like an hour away from my house. Running over to store takes a while and with the holidays and work, you sometimes have to do what works.