Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dropping out of a race

As I set here with my bags of ice placed on my sore spots, my thoughts transition from work to running. Specifically, I want to talk about dropping out of races.

Throughout my running career I have always been a finish at all cost runner, but I do freely admit that I have dropped out of one race.

The race was the Springer ½ marathon in Fort Mill, S.C. I had been sick all week along with a fever, but I had signed up so I felt like I needed to race. For about 7 miles, I was survived even leading the race but around 8 miles my body started to rebel. By 9 miles, I was totally done and walked back to the starting area. I quietly showered while the runners finishing the race came in, showered, and talked about their races. Setting, there I thought maybe I should have just walked to the finish but I knew my body on that day was not able to do it.

But I left the race site that day knowing this race owed me one. A couple of years later, I returned to win the race and in a good time.

Now, we all know that runners dropout of races for all types of reasons, but predominately, runners will drop out like I did from illness or from an injury occurring in the race or from an injury occurring during the lead up to the race.

But this past Sunday, I came to realize some runners drop out just to race again next weekend. Around 22 miles of OBX, I saw one of the Kenyan runners standing on the side of the road. He had dropped out of the race. Talking with him later before we boarded the shuttle, he was heading to run the Richmond marathon next weekend for the marathon. I guess when your primary reason for racing is to earn money; dropping out when you are out of the money is okay.

I have never really thought about this way, but their reason for dropping out is just as legit as any reason that I could give.


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