Tuesday, November 3, 2009

6 Days until OBX

A few minutes ago I finished reading Theoden's Blog recapping his New York Marathon adventure. If there is anything that would make me want to run New York, Theoden's recap would do it. Between his description of the sights, sounds, and the overall experience, New York must be nothing less than the experience of a life time.

Which reminds me that not everyone knows about running, earlier this evening I swung by Massage Envy for a last minute massage. When I was explaining that I was running a marathon this weekend, she said, "Oh, yeah, I did one last year". When I inquired about her experience she told me that she had walked the marathon. Come to find out, she was talking about 5k. Last time that I checked, a 5k was just a little short of marathon but I didn't even attempt to spoil her moment.

To me, it was more important that she out there doing something active and whether it was a mile, 5k, or marathon, it didn't really matter.

So now as I take a deep breath, life seems to be going in the right direction for me. My quad continues to heal nicely and it held up well to a very intense effort this morning. Now, it is time to look forward to the weekend and my last workout - 8 x5ks with no recovery. Some people call this a marathon.

I don't really have a name for it, but somehow I know the experience will help define who I am as runner.


Tales from the Runner's High.


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