Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cliff Bars vs. Power Bars

Until a short time ago I was a Power Bar guy through and through. Then by chance, I tried some Cliff Bars on a recommendation from some other runners.

The Peanut Bars is pretty good. I like the Chocolate chip better and I like the Brownie Chocolate the best.

The Cliff Bars are little more expensive than the Power Bars. As for variety, they come in similar flavors. Cliff Bars even come in seasonal flavors so try the Ginger Bread Bar.

And if you are just looking for something small to eat after a run, I suggest getting the snack size. At Wal-mart a box of 18 cost about $10.00 and has 6 Peanut, 6Chocolate Chip, and 6 Brownie Chocolate.

If you are counting calories, the large cliff bars run about 240 calories while the calories for the snack size run about 100 calories.

Tales from a runner living on cliff bars alone.

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