Thursday, March 4, 2010

Transition Times

I finally had the opportunity to download my times from my Duathlon last Saturday.

My times were a little different from the times posted on line. Interestingly, I cannot account for the differences. I tried to hit the splits on the map.

Maybe they factor in something that I didn't realize.

But it is pretty clear; I had trouble getting dressed and out the door for my bike ride.

  • Run Time 1 – 3.08 miles – 18:06.95
  • Transition Time 1 – 3.13.75
  • Bike Time – 29 miles – 1:34.31.35
  • Transition Time 2 – 1:15.20
  • Run Time 2 – 3.06 miles – 18:36.82

Maybe I should do the run with my helmet already on to save some time.


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