Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Morning Injury Report

Roughly 24 hours have passed since the Tobacco Road Marathon and some DOMS is starting to settle into my body. The major DOMS is has hit my hip flexors and quads. Sleeping last night was rough. No position seemed to feel all that comfortable.

The only other sore spots were the two blisters in middle of my mid foot on each. One I could open the other was two deep to release. More about why they occurred during my Brooks "Green Silence" shoe review later this week.

On the lower back front, there were no issues. My lower back seems to be completely recovered from the mid February pain that I was experiencing.

On the Achilles my "Rock Tape" taping pulled my through the race. More about my Tape Wars Challenge coming up – maybe later today.

Otherwise, I am resting comfortable and looking forward to a easy, easy trail run during lunch today.


The Injury report from the Cool Down Runner

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