Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Magic Formula

We all have had races where everything goes perfectly from the food we eat, to the course we run, to weather we endure, and most importantly to how we feel during the race. Then, we do our best to try and replicate that same sequence of steps in hopes of repeating that same feel in our other races. Only to find that it is much harder to do. After a certain amount of time, we forget about it and focus on running and racing again. And, if we are lucky, out of the blue that feeling happens again.

If only we could discover the secret formula and bottle it. Everyone person in the world would want a bottle for themselves.

Before every marathon, I set here wondering if I have done enough hard workouts, long runs, rested enough, or eaten right.

The end result is that I am where I am and there is nothing that I can change about it. I have prepared the best way that I know how and it is money time. It is now time to go out and show the world the results of what hours and hours of hard work have done to my body.

Every person in every marathon puts forth their best effort on race day, and the fruits from their labor are displayed.

In just a few hours, when I step to the starting line, I will do as I always to do give my very best effort.


Good Luck to everyone racing this morning – from the Cool Down Runner

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