Wednesday, March 17, 2010

3x2mi. Workout

My last hard effort before a marathon is usually 3 x 2 mi. with a 2 minute recovery. There are probably a lot of places where I could do this workout, but I like to run it over at Bradley Middle School track.

Being rather lazy yesterday morning, I couldn't push out of bed early enough so I was heading to the track yesterday evening about 5pm.

For some reason I was expecting an empty track it but there were a lot of people out there walking and then after my first 2 mi. interval the school track team came out.

I guess the track team starts with a warm up mile. As I was working my 2nd interval some of them dropped in to run with me. Maybe I didn't look like I was running that fast. Well, after 100 meters, they started slowing. At 200 meters, they started walking.

I finished up the interval by weaving in, out, and around the track team.

I didn't feel all that great during the workout. In fact, I felt awful, but the splits were decent and in line with some of my previous marathon lead up intervals: 11:30 and 11:31.

After the 2nd interval, I changed into my new Brooks racing flats "Green Silence" for 2 miles on the road at marathon pace.

At 6.9 oz. there is not much weight being added to my feet, but foam foundation in these shoes clearly has a different feel than my other racing flats. I have a couple of more Tabata workouts over the next few days and plan to use these workouts for breaking them in.


Breaking in the "Green Silence" racing flats – Thoughts from the Cool Down Runner



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