Monday, March 22, 2010

Thorlo Experia Cool Max Socks – Marathon Tested

This weekend I gave the Thorlo Experia Socks a good field test during my marathon and while I did have a couple of blisters, they were not a result of the socks but from my shoes. More about shoes is coming in a later post so hang on for it.

In fact as I think more about it, the Experia Socks may have prevented my blisters from being any worse than they were.

If you are interested trying out a good sock, check out the Experia style. More details can be at the Thorlo Web site.

The Experia Socks now have the Cool Down Runners recommendation.


Thoughts from the Cool Down Runner


Tracy said...

Hi Cool Down Runner - it's Tracy from Thorlo! Just read your latest post on Experia, and I must say I cringed at first! But as I read on, I felt much better. It's great to hear that you are still taking care of your feet both in Thorlos and Experia. Perhaps I will see you again in December and the Charlotte Thunder Road Marathon. Take care.

Tracy said...

Tracy again - I forgot to tell you about the newest Experia Merino Wool/Silk. It's the same lightweight construction as the Experia Coolmax, but using a Merino Wool/Silk blend. I would love for you to test a pair for me. You may contact me directly at with your info and I'll get a pair to you.


Cool Down Runner said...


I am sorry about the scare. I don't mean to put any undo stress on anyone. LOL

Yeah, since I live in Charlotte, I will swing by the expo on friday as usual. However, I will not be doing the marathon. Our USAT&F Club Championship is the next day in Charlotte, so I will be trying to help our team win it.