Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Kinesio Tape – The 2nd Taping

I taped my Achilles again last Friday, but I am already noticing a difference.

Let me back up to last Friday.

Removing the first taping was bit difficult and removed a little extra hair from my leg. For the 2nd taping I removed all of the hair from the back of my calf. Yeah, my calf looks a little funny but at least when I pull it off, it hopefully will not hurt as much.

However, I didn't expect the tape to start peeling.

Even the first night, the tape started to peel part of the way down my calf. This didn't happen with the first taping.

Either I didn't do a good job applying it or Kinesio Tape doesn't work well on hairless calfs and Achilles. Go figure.


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