Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Cool Down Runner goes “Green” for the Tobacco Road Marathon

In keeping with the trail theme I decided to go "Green" when selecting my racing flat for the Tobacco Road Marathon. So which shoe did I choose; it is the Brooks "Green Silence" racing flat.

This shoe is very eco friendly. The shoe uses soy based coloring and the foam breaks down in 20 years vs. the 1000 for other running shoes. The shoe uses a slightly off center lacing structure and a wrap around tongue. The midsole has a single layer of foam for fast running and responsive enough for longer runs. The shoe weighs in at 6.9 oz. which makes it ideal for marathoners.

This shoe comes with recycled laces but I replaced these with my TrySports branded Yankz. Yankz will keep my laces tied no matter what for the entire race.

My first test drive will be this evening when I do my last speed workout at the track 3x2mi with 2 min. recovery. The first 2 intervals, I will do in my regular interval trainers and the last interval I will use the "Green Silence".

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