Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Kinesio Tape – Achilles Tendentious

Since I came home from Myrtle Beach Marathon, I have been battling Achilles Tendentious in my left ankle. No, I didn't get it from the traditional method which is overuse, but I got it via a pair of 2XU tights which has a very tight cuff at the ankle.

But to treat my tendentious, I had been following the traditional approach which is to rest it, elevate it, and ice it. Then on race day I take a couple of Motrin help dull the pain.

Over the last couple of weeks the pain has lesson depending on the day and workout intensity, but the swelling has not decreased.

So someone mentioned that I should try Kinesio Tape.

This is my first experience with using Kinesio Tape so I wasn't sure what I was doing.

But after watching a few videos on the Internet, I thought I could tape myself.

I ordered a box from Kinesio Tex last Wednesday and on Friday it arrived via regular mail.

I watched the video a couple of times and followed the directions.

It did seem to help with the swelling and to some extent with the pain.

On Saturday, I felt my Achilles hurt a couple of times when I would get up out of the saddle on a hill and then when I switched from the bike to the run, it was really stiff. Otherwise, it felt pretty good. It doesn't really hurt too much, but just feels more like a huge "Knot" just below calf.

Sunday's 22 mile long run felt pretty much the same way with a huge "Knot".

There is a lessons learned here. I didn't shave my leg beforehand so pulling off the tape is a bit of a challenge.

And as advertised, the tape stays on for days (i.e. through races and workouts) and even when I take a shower. It does say to pat the tape rather than rub it if you get it wet.

A 16' roll of tape is roughly 12 dollars with 6 dollars for shipping. Which means it is not something that you want to just waste, but if you have a problem, it might just be the ticket to solving it.


Thoughts on Kinesio Taping from the Cool Down Runner



ROCKTAPE Scott said...

We've designed ROCKTAPE (www.rocktape.com) specifically for athletes: better stretch (190%) and adhesion (weave channels out sweat). If you'd like a free sample, please email me at scott@rocktape.com. Would be great to hear your feedback and comparison's. Thanks!

Cool Down Runner said...

My Achilles still hurts so I am game for trying the Rock Tape and doing a comparison between the two products.

love2run26.2 said...

Love and use the stuff! My husband uses it for his Achillies too.