Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Road Trip

After my road trip to Tobacco Road marathon, I wanted to share something about road trips.

Normally, I travel solo to and from races so when I got the chance to hook up with Bobby Aswell and Jon Savage for a road trip this past weekend, I jumped at the chance.

Jon is into Ultra Running and Bobby is into Ultras but from a different perspective. Bobby is in to Ultra racing. Anything from a mile to 50k, you will see him racing and sometimes in back to back days, or even in the same day.

Both runners have a huge amount of experience running and racing. Spending 6+ hours riding in the car with them gave me an excellent opportunity to pick their brains on the topic of running, racing, stretching, recovery, training etc. And pick it I did, I was taking notes the entire time.

And this is one of the great things about a road trips, there is plenty of time to share and learn from our fellow runners.

I highly recommend everyone try it.



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