Monday, March 15, 2010

Shamrock 10k sentenced to Probation after review

Last night, I was enjoying a pleasant evening watching the NCAA Bracketology when I got a phone call from Paul Nice. Paul is the race director for the Shamrock 10k in Mocksville.

And no, I didn't get give him down the road about this race. Actually, we had a rather nice conversation. He explained what happened with the race and I shared my experiences for the runners that went off course.

He did admit there were some logistic issues with the runners crossing paths at about 4 miles and issues with the course monitors.

He also promised to strive for improving on those fronts for next year.

He also wanted to send me my age group around. He was following up and sending out the awards to the people that could not pick them up on race.

I thought this was rather nice touch for their race and told him as much.

Therefore, I think maybe I was a little too harsh when I sentenced them to my do not ever race again list so I am moving their race to a probation status.

I am going to check-in with him next year before the race and decide then if a return trip is appropriate.


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Unknown said...

that is nice of him. glad you put it on probation list. i like the title