Wednesday, March 10, 2010

12 x 400 at McAlpine

12 x 400 was the workout of the day. This morning, I headed across town to run my 400s around the lake on the Mc Alpine Greenway. I cannot take credit for this idea. I was merely following in the footsteps of others – mainly Mike B. He ran his 400s around the lake last Tuesday which is where I got the idea.

Actually, the loop around the lake is excellent place for doing as side from the ducks getting in the way.

The loop appears to be just slightly over 400 meters.

Since I didn't have any clear markers, I programmed my Garmin for 12 x 400s with 1 minute recovery. Then there was nothing left for me to do but listen to the Garmin. My Garmin counted down to the start of an interval and then beeped when to start the 1 minute recovery. Even better, I didn't have to keep count of the intervals. I just kept running then until my Garmin indicated I was finished.

Overall the intervals were a little slower because I was running them on the dirt, but I did tick of some of the latter ones in the 1:17 range. Which to me, it was a great confidence booster.



Thoughts after running loops around Mc Alpine Greenway lake by the Cool Down Runner



Stephen Spada said...

Great workout Bill! I'd like to do that workout or something like it soon...Stephen

love2run26.2 said...

That beats a track workout any day. Would like to try it sometime. I am so impressed with your workouts. Have a question that I have wanted to ask you. How do you do the mileage you do without getting hurt? It seems that if I go over 50 miles of running a week, my body gets angry? Any suggestions?

Cool Down Runner said...

Oh, I get injured from time to time. Last year,I was nursing ITB. This year, I had some lower back issues and I am working my way back from an ugly Achilles injury.

As I get older I realized that staying injury free has as much to do with the things I do away from running as it does with running - such as stretching, cross training, core work, taking to the trails over the roads etc. Sometimes my running workouts are the easiest thing I do.

love2run26.2 said...

Yeah! I need to do more stretching.