Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fix a Flat x 2

Last week, I bought these two new Continental Ultra Sport tires for my bike. Well, Tuesday was good and Wednesday was good, then Thursday was less good. I had my first flat during a ride since I bought my bike. 15 minutes used up for on the on the job tire changing experience/training. So then I headed out Friday evening for a ride and low and behold I had another flat. 2 flats in two days that is definitely a bit unlucky.

Fortunately, I had invested in a good tire changing kit so 10 minutes later I was back on the road again.

Definitely, if you are going to ride very much and very far from home, invest in a good set up tire changing gear.

I carry a new tube, 2 CO2 cartridges, tire changing tools, and patch kit. Sometimes, if it is a long ride, I will even bring along my mini tire pump.


Thoughts from the Cool Down Runner – out for a ride.

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