Friday, June 6, 2008

Twilight 5K 5.9.08

RFYL held their 3rd event in the Grand Prix Series - The Twilight 5K. This was an evening race (7PM) which takes place in Uptown Charlotte near the Wachovia Center.

The condition were were decent. The temperatures were in the upper 70s to low 80s and it was a little over cast. The worst part was the wind.

The course heads straight down Tryon for just about a mile. So when the wind is blowing west to east, you have a head wind.

This was my first race wearing my compression shorts and calf sleeves. I felt a little out place. Maybe it was because I don't tend to be much of a trend setter.

There were a good number of runners at the race and since we started on Tryon, it was a nice wide start. I tried to stay behind the other runners as we headed out for the first mile. You can save a lot of energy by letting another runner push the air aside.

My plan was to follow everyone through the first mile, then push hard the 2nd mile, and then hold on the 3rd mile.

I executed this plan pretty much to perfection. My first mile was roughly 5:30. The 2nd mile was about 5:15 (being that it was slight down hill). The third mile was just over 5:40 (mostly up hill).

I finished in the 17:12. Mike B. passed me in the final .1 of mile. He had been trailing me through the last mile and had a good kick in the end. I thought Steve Spada might be closing but I was about 10 to 15 seconds ahead of him.

Overall, I was pleased with the effort. I finished 5th overall and gain some valueable points in the RFYL GP.

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