Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Splash Dash 10K 6.14.08 Recap

After the China Grove 5k, I felt more racing couldn't hurt so the next morning, I headed to Lake Wylie for the Splash Dash 10k.

This event has been around a while. I was looking through a list of old races and found that I had won the race in '99 with a time of 37:15.

This time around, I probably ran the race much differently.

I went out in 5:31, 5:45, 5:58, 5:38, 6:00, 6:19 with a .2 of 1:02. This gave me a roughly a 36:45 10k.

It was not a bad run, but I know I can definitely run faster.

This course is rather tough. The course layout is froms a Y shape and has lots of hills. Coming back to the finish, the last mile virtually all up hill except for about 40 yards.

Over the last 10k my legs felt really heavy and suspect it was from running a 5k the night before, the course being rather tough, and the from the heat. It probably didn't help that I am not in as good a shape as in previous years.

After the race they had tons of food apples, oranges, and bananas - cookies and chips. Also they had lots of drinks: water, prowerade, and respect.

I took the pace out rather conserveratively and only started to pull away after the 2nd mile. I endup winning the race. The 2nd place running finished in 39:46.

I wish more runners turned out for these type of races. This is really what racing is about: running, socializing, and lots of food and drinks.

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