Wednesday, June 18, 2008

TrySports 5000 6.17.08 Recap

Last night, I went down to Marvin Ridge High School for the TrySports 5000 meter run on the Track. This was a first time event held in conjunction with the Marvin Ridge High School Summer Track Series Events.

This was my first visit Marvin Ridge HS. The school is located near Waxsaw, SC just off of Providence Road.

The school appears to be relatively new and has a very nice rubber track.

Cody worked with the event organizers to add 5000 meter run under the lights to their Summer Track Series event for this week. I have run several night races before but running 5000 meters on a track and under the light is quite special.

My team mates from the TrySports Racing Team: Ben, Chris, Cody, Brian, and Stan all came out for the race.

Ben took the win in 15:55. Cody was 2nd in 16:21. Chris was 3rd in 16:48. Brian was 4th in 16:51. I finished 5th in 17:24. Stan crossed the finish in just over his PR in 17:45.

Going into the race, I didn't feel strongly that I was in shape to break 17 minutes. I pretty much validated that thought.
During the race the wind was fairly brisk as we ran up the back stretch. However, I don't feel it had any real impact upon my finish time.
Later after the race I downloaded the information stored on my Garmin from the race to my PC . Using the Garmin Training Center program, I found that my heart rate pushed over 180 at just about 1 mile. From that point, my heart rate continued to hover just over 180. This is a telling sign that I had reached my maximum potential on that night. Pretty much after the mile, I wasn't able to keep the Lactic Acid from building up in the legs which caused my overall pace to slow.
I am pretty much at the end of my peak period so running fast probably not going to happen last night or in the near future. At least I don't see it happening easily. But you never know. I always try to go into my races with a positive attitude.

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