Saturday, June 28, 2008


Yesterday, I went for my usual temp run - Tempo Tuesday. I was whole hardly expected to have a sub par run. My legs were still feeling the effects from the marathon. To my surprise, I felt much better once I got rolling. The first mile was in 6:07 and I only ran 1 mile afterward that was over 6 minutes. That mile just happen to be a 6:01. For the last mile, I did a 5:50 which is very usual for me. I don't usually finish my runs with my quickest mile at the end. Although, I was concentrating on running smooth and relaxed miles. I was trying to do strides as much as possible. I am running in the Shamrock 4 miler this weekend. During the last mile, I am going to try the same technique during the race. I am going to focus more on strides and less on trying to pick up the pace. If I can run my last mile as quick as my first mile, I should be able to get in a quick time. I might just beat the prediction times for everyone by the TrySports Team members

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