Monday, June 2, 2008

Left Turn Runs

I live and work in the Charlotte, NC area. In recent years Charlotte has experienced an enormous population growth. Many families are moving to Charlotte because of the tempered climate while still experiencing a change in seasons. I can understand this because this is the exact reason that I moved to Charlotte.

With all of this grow the traffic in Charlotte can get crazy at times. The roads near my development use to be realitively free of traffic. Now, I am mainly reduced to running on them only on the weekends and then only early in the morning.

To find a nice place to run, I have been driving to the local Park and Rec. greenways and trails. However, gas has gotten to an outragous price so I am back looking for ways to run near my house.

Well, during the this morning, I came up with new type of run called "Left Turn Run".

To do a left run you need two things. First, you need a Garmin or a bike if you want to measure the miles that you run or a car if you can afford the gas. Second, you need a housing development - perferrabily a large one.

To start a "Left Turn Run" proceed to the entrance of the development, then start running into the development taking each of left turn. If you come to another exit in the developoment, you can make a "U turn". Otherwise, you continue making left turns.

The general idea is to cover every road in the development and return to the starting point. I did the WedgeWood development this morning and found that I could easily get in 6 miles and faced very minimal traffic. It is almost as nice running on the a greenway.

If you are looking to avoid running on the roads, I suggest trying a Left Turn run. You get to know the neighborhoods where you live, you get in a nice run, and, you face little to no traffic depending on your development.

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