Saturday, June 28, 2008

Marathon Race - Getting Closer

The hours are ticking down to my marathon. While I am trying to remain calm, I can feel the energy bubbling in side of me. Mentally, I am ready to race and make this challenge happen. I would feel much better if my hip flexors in my right leg were not sore. But it doesn't really matter, I will race anyway. Even thou, I know it will hurt. Sometimes you have to challenge yourself to reach another level. I may take some Advil before the race. It will help before the race, during, and probably afterwards. Mostly, it will help afterwards I have been running over my race game plan the last few days. A marathon is a long distance to run and I know burning through the earlier miles to fast will leave me dragging by the time I hit miles 20 - 26. My plan is to run try and run even splits for the race. If I could hit 1:20 for the 1/2 half. Then, I may be able to run just under 1:20 for the second half. I drove over the course and there are no really major hills. It does change in elevation slightly. This is actually a good thing for runners because it allows you to change the muscle groups. The Expo is in a few hours. I will probably more once I return from the Expo

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