Friday, June 6, 2008

Skyline 5K 4.26.08

The 2nd race in the Run For Your Life Grand Prix series is the the Skyline 5K. This event takes place on the campus of CPCC in Charlotte.

I have run the course several times in pass year so I was vaguely famalier with it. And RFYL had made only a few minor tweaks to it this year - mainly around the starting line.

The start was between the stadium and the campus. Really, it is more like an alley way so the start was rather cramp.

I tried to be patient going out. I thought I could do a 5:20 first mile.

When I went through 1 in 5:33, I knew the legs didn't have it. Matt Yost went by me looking smooth.

I tried to give chase but as we move to the up hill portion of the course, he extended his lead over me.

I passed the 2 mile point in just over 11:00 minutes and thought I was in pretty good shape for a run to the finish. Then, Steve Spada came by me. My legs were not feeling it. Tried as I might, I couldn't stay with him.

He slowly pulled away over the last mile which I might add is mostly down hill.

My finish time was 17:22. I was disappointed in the finish but realized it was part the process.

Not every race will be a great race, but you have to turn bad days into decent finishes. Today, this was what I did. I turned a day when I didn't run my best into a decent run. I picked up good points for the RFYL Grand Prix and will be looking forward to the next race.

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