Saturday, June 7, 2008

King Tiger 5k 6.7.08 Recap

This morning RFYL held the 4th race in the RFYL GP Series. This was also my 4th race in running the series.

The temperature was in the 80's at race time with a slight head wind heading out for the first mile and 1/2.

My goal going into the race was to run a sub 17 minute 5k. I felt my training was at the right point where I should be able to make it happen. RFYL had a new course layout which I believe would run much faster than the course used last year. I was expecting a lot people to run really well.

I went out in what I felt was the right pace. I hit 5:23 first mile and 5:29 for the 2nd mile. However, the 3rd mile, I couldn't finish it off.

I was running with Matt through the turn around. The pace felt hard but good. We were facing a head wind which I thought would help us on the return trip.

Thinking about it now, I am not so sure. I suspect once the wind was at our back, we no longer had the cooling effect. This allowed the body to really heat up. I know during the 2nd and 3rd mile I felt really hot.

Just before the 3rd mile I checked over my shorlder and Steve Spada was closing on me. I thought I might be able to hold him off but I had already given up to much during the race. He passed me with about 50 yards remaining. I watched him pulling away. I must say it was a most disappointing view.

My time was 17:16 which was respectable.

The are no more GP race for the next 4 weeks so I am going to concentrate on running some 5Ks and mile races in the next few weeks. Then, I am going to take a down cycle from running and just enjoy days where I don't have to run hard.

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