Monday, June 2, 2008

Snickers Marathon, Albany Ga 3.1.08 Recap

The Snickers Marathon was my first marathon in over 10 years. During the mid 90s I had ran 2 marathons and while I ran well in thesw races, I felt terrible afterward and it took months before I fully recovered.

For the Snickers Marathon, I prepared well. I used a combination of tempo runs, fartleks workouts, and super long runs. I followed a 3 week taper. I felt confident that I could run 3 hours, but I was really surprised that when I crossed the finishline in a 2:38:38.

I started out conservatively with a couple of 6:15 miles and then moved to running 5:55 miles. I ran through 10 miles with this couple from Canada. They were running right on 6 minutes pace which I felt was perfect for me.

They took a restroom break just after 10 miles. From that point I ran solo through 22 miles when the marathon course merged with the 1/2 marathon course. Congested followed as the 1/2 marathoners were walking 2 and 3 abreast. Some where between 23 and 25 miles, the first woman caught me. Then, the guy from Canada caught me. I wish I had realized that he was a master. I chased him to the finish line and ended up 10 seconds behind him.

As I crossed the finishline, I was both tired and excited. I had run faster than I had imaged possible. It was one of those days when everything just clicks and you run your best.

In looking back at this marathon, I am proud of the effort that I did. It has given me enough confidence that I am planning another marathon later this year.

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