Friday, June 6, 2008

CTTC Summer Track Series 1 mi 6.3.08

The Charlotte Track Club puts on a summer track series in June at one of the Middle Schools in Charlotte. I thought that I would sign-up and try my hand at the 1 mile race. It has been several years since I ran a mile race. It also helped that the urge to run a sub 5 minute was strong

A good group of runners had come out for the race. Chris Lamperski and Steve Spada were in attendance. I knew both were faster than me so I needed to set my goals appropriately.

Out of the start, we were really bunched up during the first lap. I had to move into the 2nd and sometimes the 3rd lane to make passes. This was my only option or I would have been boxed in which would have cost me more time.

Chris was long gone after the first lap. Steve and another guy had worked their way into 2nd and 3rd. By the start of the 3rd lap, I had moved into 4th but by now Steve had gapped me by about 15 meters.

Becaue the mile is such a short race, I knew I needed to push hard early in the 4th lap. I tried picking up the pace in the first 200 meters of the 4th lap. However, I wasn't closing on either of them.

When we hit the final home stretch, they just kicked it into another gear.

Chris ran something like 4:38. Steve ended up 3rd, but I think he broke 5 minutes. I would run 4th in 5:02. And, Stan, who is also a member of the TrySports Racing Team, finished in 5:20.

Overall, I thought I raced well. I let Steve gap me too much going into the 4th lap so catching him was never realistic.

Next week, I will see if I can stay a little closer to him during the first 3 laps. Maybe we can have a shoot out coming off the 4th turn heading for the finish.

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